1. case: Zara International Amazon


* You are to read the two cases on the textbook and address each element of the Case Analysis including the Further Research element. In answering the questions, make sure you support your answers. Explain why and how using information from (the materials I will prove)

* Each case is about 2 pages long and describes a situation in the company. At the end of each case are four Case Analysis Questions/Discussion Questions including a short “Further Research” section.

* Your responses to each case must be 2.5 to 3 (no larger than 12 point font) single-spaced pages long excluding other headings and any graphics or diagrams (those should be in an appendix) and using no larger than 1-inch margins and nothing larger than single line spaces between paragraphs.

*On the section titled “Further Research,” please indicate the sources you used and support the conclusions you reached.

Note: I will provide all the required materials for each case