Activity 11: Annotated Bibliography

Instructions: This assignment requires you to work more on finding, evaluating, and planning how to use sources for your final paper.

(1) To complete this assignment, you will need to find at least 6 different sources that you plan to use in your final paper. Academic articles, books, and primary documents are all great sources. Newspapers and editorials can also be used, but be selective. Remember, you should already have three sources from completing Activity 10 – use these again for this activity if you are sticking with the same topic.

(2) Provide a reference for each of your 6 sources in proper APA format. Visit the APA guide at for clarification on APA style.

(3) After each reference, you should provide a paragraph about the source that includes the following information:

? A brief 1-2 sentence summary of the source’s purpose

? How you will use the source in your final paper to support your argument

? Whether the information from that source supports or contradicts other information you have found on the topic

? Why the source is important to include in your final paper