Individual Assignment 3– Using the project you selected (from Weeks 1 and 3):

Create an RTM using the template with at least 3 Business Requirements (Upload this as a separate file from the rest of the assignment.) 3/22: Column A should be the customer requirement. Column B should be the functional requirement. You can either make up data to fill in the other columns or leave them blank.

Create a WBS to level 3 with at least 10 deliverables and sub-deliverables 3/22: at least “10 boxes” in level 2&3. Use WBS numbering.

Create a WBSD for the WBS 3/22: Use WBS #

Write at least 3 acceptance criteria for the deliverables (not for each deliverable, just choose 3 deliverables or sub-deliverables)

Define the quality standards for 3 of the deliverables and explain if your test results met those standards (be creative!)

(Note: remember that processes, activities, and milestones belong in the schedule, not the WBS).

NOTE: Format: Double line spacing between paragraphs but single spacing within the paragraph, 11-point Times Roman, 1-inch margins. Please use footnotes or end-notes and citations as well as 12-14 point font, bold headings and subheadings.

1excel and 1word document