For the project you selected (in week 3), write an analysis of the project’s successes and failures. Feel free to research similar projects to use as comparison.

  1. Executive summary of your project (2-3 paragraphs, some of you have done this already and can reuse it)
  2. Research on how to determine if a project is a success (it’s not just about the Triple Constraints)
  3. Analyze if your project was a success
  4. Include a section on how you could have improved the success of your project (how to avoid the failures)
  5. Conclusion

Note: you are to pretend that you are the project manager for this project.

NOTE: Format: Double line spacing between paragraphs but single-spacing within the paragraph, 11-point Times Roman, 1-inch margins. Please use footnotes or end-notes and citations as well as 12-14 point font, bold headings and subheadings.

and one to two pages of PPT about

What was the ending state of the project and did you achieve the project goals? If not, why not? (be creative!)