A journal is neither a diary nor a log; rather a Journal should serve as a tool to explore, examine, and develop a deeper understanding of what you feel, think and earn. You might reflect on a particular concept that you want to try out or on an “ah-ha” you experienced because of new understanding.

1. Your journal should be entered in the textbox using the “What, So What, Now What” approach listed in the Syllabus.

2. ‘Strict’ APA format is not required. Use the format above, and cite your sources only as necessary.

3. Your total journal word count should be between 200 and 300 words.

4. Correct grammar, punctuation and sentence structure is required.

5. Review the journal rubric for more specifics on how your journal will be graded.

For Week 1, reflect on the assigned readings (If any) and other activities/Webex completed in connection with this course as they might relate to your organization, personal development as a leader, and experiences. What are your expectations for this class?