In the discussion board, you should list your favorite film character(s), the film they are in, and why you enjoy them, As part of your posting, you should also provide a brief summary of the film to give some context to the character.

For example, I might write that a favorite character of mine is Count Graf Orlok, the main character in Nosferatu (1922). Nosferatu is an early Dracula movie that terrifies even in the 21st century. A few years ago, I screened the film in a class and I could tell that the students were rolling their eyes because their professor was screening a black and white, silent film which they knew would be boring. They were delightfully surprised at how engaged they became with the movie. One of the features I like best in the film is how mise-en-scene adds to character development. I particularly appreciate the technique of casting shadows on the walls.

Header: Please list the name of the character, the film, and the date of the film in the subject line.