Please prepare a financial analysis of the case study attached.

The main questions to answer are:

Assuming the contract is valid, prepare the following financial analyses

PROVIDED – A) Prepare a budget of expected minimum revenues under the contract.Show the sources of revenues from the set of five films and the fee. (I have completed this and it is attached for your reference).

PROVIDED – B) What are the general revenue recognition criteria established under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) – (This is also provided in the excel spreadsheet.)

NEED THIS ANSWERED – C) How would you apply the GAAP criteria for revenue recognition to account for the revenues under this contract?Explain your logic for both realizable and earned.

The ppt slides also contain points that you will need to address in your financial analysis. I have provided the Budget, the Case Study, and the PPT for your reference.

Please write a business report answering the above. 2 pages should be more than enough.