after reading Ch. 1 in Griffith and Goodwin (2013), in no less than three pages, please address the following case questions from “Case: Confrontation vs. Cooperation” (p. 13):

  1. “Should Joe take a positional bargaining approach by apologizing for the rudeness and inconvenience but hold firm to the store’s policy?
  2. Or should he seek a win/win by accepting the return, even though it goes against the store policy, in exchange for restoring Maria’s goodwill and the hope of gaining repeat business?
  3. Is there a third approach?
  4. Which approach would you use?
  5. Why?
  6. If you select an alternative approach or combination of the two, defend your position.”

Your paper should be in APA style, with a Title and References page. At minimum, you should cite the class textbook and at least two other academic sources to support your claims. No Abstract is needed.

BOOK:Griffith, D., & Goodwin, C. (2013). Conflict survival toolkit: Tools for resolving conflict at work (2nd ed.). New York: Pearson. (ISBN-13: 9780132741057)