-Your thesis proposal must include the following two things:

  1. The two texts or TED Talk Videos you have chosen from the Essay 1 Prompt list to incorporate in your essay. (Note: you can choose two texts, two videos, or a text and a video.) I attached the two articles below
  2. Your working thesis.

-Your thesis should reflect your relationship with reading and writing, and/or the effect reading

has had on your life. The first part of your essay should mirror a format like “Why I Write,” “My

Life as an Undocumented Immigrant” or “A Childhood Spent in a Chinese Restaurant” where

you tell the story; for this specific essay, you will be discussing your relationship with books, reading and/or writing.

– Eassy Prompt: Your goal is to analyze both your own approach and history with reading and writing

(Narative) and reflect on the things you have learned or plan to incorporate from the two sources

you have chosen (Response).