Respond these four question.


1- Minimum of 200 words each.

2- Deep though

3- critical analysis.

1- Pals issues an important caution about running to a dictionary for a definition of the word ‘religion’. Defining, he claims, is linked to explaining. What does he mean by that and why is it such an important disclaimer?

2- What is the doctrine of “survivals”? How is it connected to the idea of intellectual evolution?

3- Can the study of contemporary tribal societies shed light on ancient history? Or vice versa? In particular, on what assumptions would it seem useful to be explaining the origin of religion by studying contemporary tribal, or “primitive” societies? (By the way, this question is not a ‘no-brainer’

4- Pals uses Tylor and Frazer as his figures for introducing the idea of intellectualism. Of course, he thinks of Intellectualism as a big mistake, as you will see. But it’s so common in various guises for you to be careful about what it is and why it’s so problematic. Using Tylor and Frazer as your examples, how would you describe intellectualism?