Part 1: Post a Response

This week we have no new reading or subjects. Over the 11-weekcourse, we have covered many events and issues that arose in the UnitedStates between 1865 and today. From the era of Reconstruction, theProgressive era and Jim Crow, the roaring 20s and the Great Depression,the Cold War and Civil Rights struggles, on through the age ofInformation to now. We have seen many examples of people struggling forrights and freedoms and people having to adapt to significant changes inthe economy, technology, laws, and society. We have seen militaryengagements impact lives and our country. Think about these variousperiods and challenges.

Please do the following two things for your main post in our last discussion—this reflection:

  1. Choose a specific historical event or example and reflect on the “long range” effect of it on your own life.
  2. Choose another historical event and reflect on the “long range”impact on the modern workplace—perhaps on the profession you havechosen.
  3. Reference Material No new reading; reflect back on the course.