HW 3 – Earth Revealed – Sea Floor

  1. What are condi/ons like on the seafloor?
  2. What is the main type of igneous rock found on the seafloor?
  3. Describe the topography of the seafloor: shelf, slope, canyons, rise, and abyss.
  4. What are terrigenous and pelagic sediments?
  5. What do oceanic ridge systems represent?
  6. What is found at the crest of the oceanic ridges?
  7. Discuss the age of the ocean floor as it relates to the oceanic ridge systems.
  8. What is seafloor spreading, and what does it do to the ocean floor?
  9. What is subduc/on, and what does it do to the ocean floor?

10. Discuss methods used by marine geologists to study the seafloor.

11. What types of metallic resources can be found on the seafloor?

12. What condi/ons limit explora/on and development of resources from the seafloor?