Ideas of power still have a lot to do with the way women are viewed, and consequently treated in Islam. Moroccan writer Fatima Mernissi in Beyond The Veil deals with the concept of the need for men to be protected from the power of women’s charms. Women are viewed as powerful in ancient culture. That same power, under Islamic law, must be controlled.The power and participation of Innanna is “starkly different from Sita’s dependence on her husband Rama’s will in the Indian Ramayana . Both Innana’s Hymns and Ramayana began in an oral tradition long before writing, but clearly the Indian value system placed women in a passive position. Passivity is something long cultivated in women in the west as well. Contrarily, Innanna is as powerful as her partner and so it is no small thing that she divests herself of power in her descent.

What is Women Role in ancient Culture?

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