This Research essay proposal requires close reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Sign Of Four” and two other secondary reference works which I provided in the additional materials. If the writer doesn’t like this two, please contact me to provide other reference works. I will put structure details in additional materials. And there are 4 topics to choose. If the writer need me to provide E-Book for “The Sign Of Four” please contact me. Since this assignment requires lots of readings, I can pay extra to writer in order to get a good work. Our professor is very tough, we must follow the structure that she provided us. I did a very poor job in previously two assignments. So please help me to get a great mark. This assignment is a research essay proposal for our final research essay(1500 words), so If I get a good mark on this, I wish to have the same writer help me to write the final essay! Please! Save me from this course!