This week you will identify the systems that you will need to implement to monitor and report the risks within the new Risk Management System. This includes any internal and/or external resources that will be necessary. You will also need to identify methods to measure the risk. It may be necessary to revise (somewhat) your areas of financial and operational risk developed in Module 03.

For each risk that you discovered in Module 03 and/or this week, decide how you will measure, monitor, and report on the risk to the board of directors. Also, decide how you will report the risk to the shareholders in the financial statements and notes. You may add columns for this information to your table developed in Module 03. Be sure to use footnotes if more information is needed than you feel is possible to include in the table.

For more information, please review the Course Project Overview.

Each team member should submit the completed assignment to the drop box below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.