Wouldn’t life be easier if we could be superheroes? Would you want to be Wonder Woman, Superman, or…do you remember…the Wonder Twins? Many of us loved watching (and..tell the truth…pretending to be) superheroes when we were kids. They NEVER messed up or did things wrong. Then, we grew up and realized that even our heroes are not always perfect…if they are human.

We will be reading about heroes over the next few weeks. We will see them in their shining moments, but we will also see their not-so-bright-moments. I want you to “pick” your hero from the two stories we have read so far and share two things that you noticed that made you think that character could be your hero, and I also want you to share two times that you saw that character as human. Some people might calls those times flaws, but because we all have our moments, we’ll just call it a “human” moment.