Go to the following website, Purdue OWL, to learn how to create a thesis for Personal Research Narrative.…

Post your topic and thesis for Personal Research Narrative. Remember that the topic for this paper is up to the writer. However, the topic needs to be specific.

For example, the following topic is too broad: Obesity in America.

A must better and more specific topic is the following: Obesity and the Elderly.

Or The Closing of Privately Owned Prisons and the Benefits to the Criminal Justice System.

This topic will be used for both writing assignment 2 and writing assignment 3. Your professor will respond to everyone’s topic and thesis. This discussion topic is designed to help you prewrite and brainstorm on a topic and a thesis.

Please complete the following steps:

1. Post your topic

2. Post your thesis

3. Develop a short summary paragraph that gives the audience a brief tour of the topic or introduces the audience to the topic.