Please read the event and answer all question, and literally no plagiarism.

Review the event involving the late William J. LeMessurier of Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the most highly regarded structural engineers and designers in the world. He served as the structural consultant to an architect Hugh Stubbins, Jr. for the design of a new headquarters building of Citicorp in New York city. The building was completed in 1978, and the 59-story Citicorp Center is still one of the most dramatic and interesting skyscrapers in the city.

Complete the assignment by answering the following questions:

  1. What lesson learned from this event from ethical perspective?
  2. If you were in his position:
    1. What would you have done if you determined that the revised probability of failure was higher than for the original design, but still within the range of permitted by code?
    2. What would you have done if your insurance carrier, the building owner, or the city, had said to “keep quite”?
    3. Who should pay for the repair?