after reading the first story of the metamorphosis, the story about Gregor waking up looking like a roach. then choose on of these questions below to write 4 pages. only have to write about one of the questions not both. which ever one is easier for you.

Question 1:

What is personality? Does it change? Psychologists have debated this definition for centuries. Once you have a working definition of personality, think about how Kafka presents Gregor Samsa’s identity/personality. What does Gregor rely on to build his identity/personality? How does that change throughout the novella? What personality traits do you see in Gregor? Avoid plot summary when discussing Gregor’s personality.

Question 2:

Many scholars have seen a cycle of sin, punishment, exile and redemption in The Metamorphosis closely linked to the story of the Garden of Eden. Others have seen different religious significance in the story. What do you think? Do you see a cycle of sin or something else? What other religious/Biblical allusions do you see in the story? Avoid plot summary when discussing this theme.