Write a narrative summary of your notes describing what you experienced. Then, explain how each ofthe three sociological perspectives (structural-functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and socialconflict) would analyze what you say. Your description of your observation should represent about50% of your paper and your analysis another 50%, divided evenly between the three perspectives. At theend of your paper, discuss which perspective you think is the best suited to analyze your observation andwhy you think so. Whenever appropriate, link the information you present to concepts, theories, facts, andcore values of “community and social justice” from the course.You may use additional resources, provided they are appropriately cited. You are required to use theAmerican Sociological Association (ASA) formatting style to format your paper and sources. Informationon ASA is available in the course under Resources. For additional information on plagiarism, click here toview a 15-minute video lesson by Dr. Patricia Campion. You will be prompted to enter your SLU Portalusername and password to gain access to the video. Once the video starts playing (may take a fewminutes to load), forward it to Slide 28 titled, “Am I Plagiarizing? Why, or why not?” and view through