1-The Movie critique is expected to be ~3 pages referencing 2-3+ course readings

2-Grading rubric will be provided, but your critique should incorporate and connect 3 course themes/terms (e.g. populism, regionalism, clientelism, partitocracy, corporatism) to the movie at hand {you can bold/underline in your writing}, include some mention of whether the tone seemed neutral or biased, and whether the film achieved its purpose

The readings:

  1. Giuliano Bobba and Duncan MacDonald. Italy, a Strong and Enduring Market for Populism. 2015. InEuropean Populism in the Shadow of the Great Recession: p. 163-179
  2. Carlo Ruzza and Stefano Fella (2011) Populism and the Italian Right. Acta Politica 46, 158–179.
  3. Stefano Fella & Carlo Ruzza (2013) Populism and the Fall of the Centre-Right in Italy: The End of theBerlusconi Model or a New Beginning?, Journal of Contemporary European Studies, 21:1, 38-52
  4. Elisabetta De Giorgi & Filippo Tronconi (2018) The center-right in a search for unity and the re-emergence of the neo-fascist right, Contemporary Italian Politics, 10:4, 330-345,

The link for the movie

The name of the Movie is

Silvio Forever Movie