First, read Message from jenny jones

After reading Jenny’s inquiry, compose a message — “Dear Jenny…” — to provide feedback with the purpose of helping her improve. Please comment on what she has done adequately, before pointing out areas she needs to revise to fit her audience and purpose more effectively. You do not have to point out every flaw, but you need to mention the major areas of concern, and explain why they are of concern. Be specific and reference at least one supporting point from the Bovée and Thill text. Please proofread your message before submitting.

Your message should be around 2-3 paragraphs. Make sure your message is addressed to Jenny, and not to me. Turnitin has been enabled.

Eval. rubric

Message (feedback): ? audience/purpose is focused ? message content is organized with clear and accurate explanations ? there is at least one reference to Bovée and Thill ?style/tone is appropriate

? Grammar/Language: writing is overall clear with minimal grammar errors ? word choice and language use is appropriate