Choose one of the two options below and write a brief (250-300 word) email addressing the described audience; make sure to include a subject line that will get your audience’s attention. NOTE: If you choose to write a negative email for this assignment, then you must do a persuasive memo for the other written assignment in this module

1. Negative: 9-38. Message Strategies: Making Routing Negative Announcements (Helping Our Hometown Grow program). This option is found under EMAIL SKILLS at the end of Chapter 9. Make sure to review the textbook material about sending negative organizational news.

2. Persuasive: 10-43. Message Strategies: Requests for Action (Jeri Ross: quiet-zone work room). Make sure you review the textbook material for the AIDA model and how to balance emotional and logical appeals. This option is found under EMAIL SKILLS Skills at the end of Chapter 10.