Reporting of Current Entrepreneurship News (Theme is about funding)

These “News Talks” will do a 3-minute news story of a timely (within the last 30 days) story on entrepreneurship.

Keys to a good grade on the News Talks are as follows:

  • The news story comes from the past month / student tells us the source of the story/ the story is from a legitimate news source (i.e., not TMZ, Inc. or Forbesmagazine, Business Insideror the like). Stick with the high-brow sources – listed above in “Required Reading,” like MatterMark Daily, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Economist, etc.
  • Very Important: the theme of your news story is closely tied to a theme we’ve discussed in class, and the student shows specifically how the story relates.(Theme this week is about funding so the news talk should be about funding)
  • You are organized in your presentation (I recommend using note cards).
  • You incorporate your opinion into the story, rather than just recite the facts.
  • You stick to 3 minutes.