Group Case Assignment #2 – Instructions

  • Read the “On-the-job Challenge Question” on page 354 of your textbook.
  • Answer the following questions:
  • Using the internet, find out who the current commissioner of the RCMP is.
  • In your opinion, what is the biggest leadership challenge facing the current RCMP commissioner? What leadership style is necessary to create change in the RCMP?


This assignment is purposefully more vague than your first group assignment. I want you to develop opinions as a group and defend them using additional sources from the internet (such as news articles). Try to answer as completely as possible, referencing theories from the leadership chapter and your additional research. This may be challenging, but just do your best as a group to apply what you have learned.


Ensure your assignment is formatted in 12 point, times new roman font, with one inch margins, and single spaced. You can answer the questions individually or write a summary of your analysis based on the questions provided. If you consult any external references, be sure to cite them appropriately using APA 6th Edition format.

This is a part of group assignment,200-300 words. The required materials have been attached