Imagine that you are the supervisor of a certain criminal justiceagency. (Choose one from the Rasmussen library such as a case study, orone with which you are familiar and understand in some depth.)

In a 2-3 page paper, define one problem that exists within youragency. This problem can be a real issue within your agency or it can befictitious.

A few examples would a personnel issue such as sick leave abuse, or adiscipline issue involving misconduct. Be sure to select a problem thatis critical enough that that leadership would have to resolve it inorder to maintain a positive work environment.

Please select a problem or issue that is different from your final project and complete the following:

  • Discuss why the problem exists.
  • Develop at least two alternative solutions to the problem. One ofthese solutions must involve a change or innovation. Both should requireyou to practice management and leadership skills.
  • Decide which solution is the most feasible and present your solution.
  • Finally, consider what negative or unintended consequences mightresult from implementing your chosen solution. How would you plan todeal with this negative or unintended consequence?