Please explain how the at least three of the six pillars of this course (leadership, ethics, social responsibility, democracy, activism and diversity) can be connected/ related to the A Question of Freedom. Please also connect at least one event from A Question of Freedom to a significant concept in Privilege, Power and Difference.

***Please do not simply write “I agree or disagree” then repeat everything that the person stated that you are responding to.

Please post your entry no later than 11:55pm on Thursday so that everyone has time to respond to two entries by Sunday at 11:55pm.

Please remember that to earn full credit, your discussion forum responses must be well written (full sentences, no spelling or grammatical errors, etc.), civil and professional in their tone, and sophisticated and thoughtful in terms of your intellectual reaction (analysis).

To earn full credit (5 points) for your entry, it must be at least two (well developed) paragraphs in length. To earn full credit (approximately 2.5 points per response for a total of 10 points) on your responses to your colleague’s entries, they also must be at least two (well developed) paragraphs in length.