Project Charter Template: Section 1 (Project Charter Purpose)

Project Management, like educational technology leadership, frequently involves being able to adapt. Often there are multiple ways to accomplish an objective, which means there may be more than one correct way of accomplishing the goal. During a project, decisions will have to be made before the next step is possible. A leader must make those decisions by applying their knowledge as they feel best fits that situation.

(For this course, the Charter Purpose section will be a statement that defines your approach for the next eight weeks as a self-learner by answering these questions:

How you will approach a learning environment that has fewer defined boundaries?

As a self-learner, what will you have to guard against and how will you adapt?

What will be your strategies for clarifying a concept or question?

Are you better at the big picture or the details?

Since you need both views, what strategies will you used to strengthen your weaker side?