response must be in your own words. Your initial post should be 3 to 4 short paragraphs that reflect research, course content synthesis and reflection.

Review the attached forum rubric prior to posting.

Forum Expectations:

  • Excessive use of quotes in forum responses (both initial response and peer responses) are not accepted. Dissect the material you research and present in your OWN words citing references accordingly.
  • Greetings and salutations (to include “fluff”) do not count toward word min requirements (i.e. good job, I enjoyed reading your post, etc. ).
  • References do not count toward word min requirements.
  • Answer each question clearly and effectively (do not skip parts of the question posed).


In order to receive a 100% (Exemplary) on your weekly forum grade you must meet all the items outlined in the “Exemplary=4” column in the attached forum rubric.