Answer the following questions based on the research topic of Gender Bias.

In alphabetical order and using APA reference list formatting, list five academic, peer-reviewed journal articles that examine this global problem. Research studies are preferred sources.

How do these researchers view this global problem? In your own words, explain the predominant idea from each of the five journal articles you listed above. Practice proper APA citation as you explain the ideas.

What’s common among these studies? Explain in your own words, demonstrating your ability to analyze and synthesize ideas. Again, use proper APA citations as you explain.

What are the major points of disagreement among the researchers? Explain in your own words. By doing so you will demonstrate your ability to analyze and synthesize ideas. Use APA format in your citations. (Tip: if there is no disagreement about the cause or scope of the problem or how to best address the problem going forward, you will need to find another topic.)