Use the guiding questions below to help you develop the Introduction section and Parts A, B, and C of the Presented Argument section of your final project. The more rigor and detail that you put into answering these questions and drafting your responses in paragraph form, the more you set yourself up for success on the final project, your critical essay. First, answer each of the questions below to draft your ideas. Then, complete the Outline for Writing section, using your answers to the questions to help you draft a paragraph response for each of the two sections below.

1. Attached is a journal entry that I started the project with for reference, the worksheet to complete, and the resources to use for references. Only use these sources!

2. Use attached worksheet to fill out, do not write an essay.

3. My issue is Online Learning vs. Traditional Learning

4. Primary Argument article:

5. Please write at least 3-4 sentences for each outline question.