Please pick one of the following questions to answer for the forum this week:

  • Based on Plato’s dialogue, Apology,assess the charge leveled against Socrates of corrupting the youth ofAthens. (a) Do you think Socrates corrupted the youth of Athens? If so,why? If not, why not? (b) Summarize and critically evaluate Socrates’defense on this particular accusation – was his defense convincing toyou or not? Why or why not?
  • Based on Plato’s dialogue, Apology,(a) in what sense does Socrates claim to be wise? (b) Summarize andevaluate the value of the Socratic Method and Socratic wisdom andwhether this method and attitude are valuable for a democratic societysuch as ours.
  • In the Apology,Socrates refuses to accept any lesser form of punishment (such as afine or exile). As such Socrates is sentenced to death. (a) Why does hedo this, and (b) what moral principle does Socrates draw upon indefending his choice for not pleading for a lesser charge in order tosave his life?

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