1. Analyse requirements for the construction of a database system based on an understanding of performance issues.

2. Gather and analyse data for database performance and tuning.


Consider you are working as a Database Administrator (DBA) in a certain organization.

a) Discuss the key decisions you would take while creating and configuring a new database which may impact the performance of the database.


  • Wherever applicable, solution must include configuration settings/values you would choose with valid justification.
  • The solution must be in your words and should not exceed three pages.
  • The solution should not contain the steps in creating the database.

b) Using any six examples, discuss how you would gather and analyze statistics using dynamic performance views. Your solution must include at least two examples from the dynamic performance views related with new features in Oracle 18c.

Note: Examples of SQL commands must be executed and screenshots should be included.

*** Task “a” should be at least two pages and half.

*** In-Text Citation and References using Harvard style (If any).