In this case, P&G is deciding if it should outsource a large portion of its administrative functions. They explore the implications of organization structure and culture to productivity by moving a service that has been historically an internal function to one that is outsourced.

Review the Procter & Gamble: Global Business Services HBS case.

Write a 750 word case analysis, integrating specific OB concepts from course resources to the following:

  • What are the implications of outsourcing major portions of P&G’s administrative functions to the company’s productivity, organizational structure, and organizational culture?
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of the proposed global reorganization with respect to these outcomes.
  • If you were a member of P&G’s senior executive team, which of the four options discussed in the case would you recommend? Provide clear and relevant rationale for your position that includes specific factors considered.
  • How would you implement the proposed change to P&G employees globally? Include best practices to managing change from the readings and videos.