Network Sniffing: Ethics and Other Issues

Network sniffing is the act of observing communications on the network in either a passive or an active mode. With sniffing, you can see what is being transmitted unprotected on the network and potentially intercept sensitive information. Attackers use sniffers to compromise the confidentiality of data as it flows across a network.

Discuss the following question(s):

  1. In a university environment, what ethical concerns might exist for administrators when sniffing traffic?
  2. Should you encrypt all network traffic to protect against unauthorized network sniffing? Why or why not?

All discussion posts must be at least 100 words

Metasploit and Penetration Testing

Research in your text book on Metasploit

Can Metasploit be used in unethical ways for hacking?

Has it been used in an unethical way for hacking?

Summarize a story that you have researched on the web where a tool such as Metasploit was used by threat actors to exploit a vulnerability.

Provide your case analysis and summary as well as cited sources.

Be sure to cite all outside knowledge using proper APA formatting.