• Using a company you can research online, give examples of how the following metrics are tracked/calculated
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Service quality
    • Customer loyalty (or net promoter or other similar metric)
    • Customer behavior (may be customer acquisition, customer retention, page visits, or other meaningful metric related to customer behavior)
    • Customer lifetime value
    • Firm Performance (profitability, value, or other meaningful metric).
  • Provide an example of each of the following below
    • Pick one of the generalizations noted in the “Customer Metrics and Their Impact on Firm Performance” article and describe an example of the generalization found in a real scenario. You may use an example from an organization (or industry) you can find an example from past news stories or PR releases.
    • Provide an example of an organization either successfully or unsuccessfully implementing/following the links the service-profit chain. Your example does not need to detail every link in the chain, but it should incorporate a majority of the links.

If you are searching for information about the company online, you may need to search for through press releases, news articles, and annual reports as ways to learn how this information is tracked.