A major revolution has just taken place on the College campus. New musical reforms have been implemented, and some drastic changes to our music culture have been imposed. These changes are outlined as follows:
1. Music may only be sung in grammatically-correct English.
2. The following instruments are hereby declared illegal for use in any setting:
o Turntables
o Banjo
o Trumpet
o Electronic Drumkit
3. All public performances of music must be completely live. No lip-syncing or performing to prerecorded tracks will be allowed.
4. All recordings of music are limited to a maximum of three “takes”, or chances to get the recording correct.
5. All primary and secondary school students are required to study an instrument of their choosing for no less than five consecutive years.
6. Sacred music performed in any church are limited to the use of choir and organ.

What do you think will be the ramifications of these new laws? How will each of these effect music in our society and culture? Each student is expected to comment on at least three of the six listed laws. Give your personal opinion of the effects, and/or use factual evidence to support your argument.