In a minimum of 350 words per question, using APA format answer the following questions using the uploaded book Griffith, B. A., & Dunham, E. B. (2015). Working in teams: moving from high potential to high performance for one reference and must use 3-5 other scholarly sources. MUST HAVE a total of 4-5 scholarly sources. Additional reading requirements at, please reference from this site if used. Please select course number/name that matches this course. MOD1500_AB019.

  1. According to Griffith & Dunham, What are five practices of effective leaders? Describe each.
  2. Describe four leadership styles within the situational leadership model. Provide an example of each.
  3. How do most effective leaders establish credibility?
  4. What are four components of effective persuasion? Create a hypothetical case study, or possibly a situation you have actually experienced, where a team leader was trying to get members more committed to a team. Discuss the effectiveness of their techniques.
  5. Discuss the differences between transactional leadership and transformational leadership. What are the outcomes of each?