Choose one of the following exercises:

1. Using Tags vs6.1 run a query on a Twitter topic you may be interested in.

Upload the csv file in R and run one of the following:

1. Topic modelling

2. Sentiment Analysis

3. Word Frequency

Write a 500 word blog post explaining the charts and what these mean from a strategy perspective.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: please add charts and explain them. Remember to speak like a social media marketer so focus on the element of “conversation” and “potential response”.


2. Discuss the concept “mind genomics” and how social media is redefining the ways in which strategy is being informed.

In your answer, please add relevant discussions on the role of:

– Bayesian Statistics

– Real Time Monitoring

Support your answer with examples and refer to the book “Mind Genomics” that can be found in the section “resources” as well as on Canvas under the unit “Week 10” that focuses on hard and soft metrics. ( I uploaded it down here )