Please review the attached article: The Spy Who Hired Me from The Economist (January 5, 2019 Issue). (Apologies for the low scan quality.) Consider the issues raised in this article around organizational well-being and employee privacy. Discuss the pros And cons of tracking devices in the workplace as a way to encourage healthy behaviours and help organizations save money on health care costs and lost productivity.

Some issues to consider: Do you think this is okay? Why or why not? Would you wear a tracking device (ex. fitbit) if it reported to your company? Does it surprise you that this is a workplace trend? Do you have any Personal experience with company programs such as this? If you are against this sort of programming, what would be a useful alternative for organizations to help their employees manage stress levels and increase productivity? Consider the last paragraph of the article. Where does the “tracking “end? Would you exchange privacy for the convenience of the north of a micro-chip?

Note: this is very much an opinion-based response and open-ended discussion this week. I am really interested to know what you all genuinely think about this trend!

250-400 words please