1. Describe the current situation for BIL in detail – include the timeframe, product-market focus (beginning of case – 1997), management’s rationale/reasons for expansion (outside biscuit market). No need to discuss plans for growth here; just what factors serve as an impetus for growth.
  2. Provide an analysis of the product-markets for potential expansion (e.g., dairy products, food). Include the size of the market, growth rates (where included), and competitors’ market share (including BIL). Why did management choose to expand into these product-markets? What was the risk of remaining in the biscuit product market?
  3. Identify and discuss the expansion and necessary changes to positioning strategy for BIL. Discuss the new look and all changes; explain why changes were made. Include the new product categories and new brands utilized for the growth strategy. What was the rationale for creating new brands for products?
  4. Discuss the successes for BIL – include percentage of market share captured in product categories, the ability to break into competitors’ domains (e.g., butter, cheese, dairy-whitener). Discuss the emphasis on ‘brands’ vs. ‘products’ for the Indian market – what factors mattered to Indian consumers?