I want to write 7 pages continuing my research paper I will send the first draft and you complete the rest which are 7 pages. Use the Pattern file.

The 7 pages include:

Results: 5 pages

Explain your findings (results)

Strive for 6-8 themes or patterns

Use subheaders for patterns found (see Adderall article)

Use quotes from your data! At least 2 quotes per pattern

Organize your results in a logical order

Conclusions or application: 1 pages

Sum up your findings, synthesizing all patterns

Propose application of your findings: ways to reduce the rule-breaking behavior?

Discussion: 2 pages

How do your findings (results) relate to the lit study? (1.5 pages)

Were your findings similar to previous studies? How?

Were your findings different to previous studies? How?

Address missing data: if you had had 3 years and $1M, what data would you have collected?

Provide ideas for future study