First watch this 30 mins long

Then answer this in 3 paragraphs

You are an adviser to President Johnson in 1965. The president is experiencing difficulty getting his programs passed by Congress due to the divided nature of American society when it comes to present issues.

The president’s main concern is his Great Society program, which is very expensive to implement. However, he also needs an increasingly large budget for the war in Vietnam, and raising sufficient money for both is difficult. The conservatives want an increasing commitment to Vietnam, while the public largely opposes it. The liberals who oppose the war also support the Great Society programs. Southern Democrats support the fighting in Vietnam but are anti- Civil Rights, thus threatening the President’s support in Congress. In short, the country is divided and there isn’t enough money for everything.

What can we do about this? Is there a way to convince all sides to support both the Great Society and the war in Vietnam? Is it possible to convince people that we need to raise taxes to support both programs? Use information from the video and the reading to support your answer.