Discussion Question

To prepare for this discussion, think about the global companies with which you are familiar. Perhaps you see yourself working for one of these large organizations after your graduation. Then view the video, “Low Context vs. High Context Societies,” and review the web site, Hall’s Cultural Factors.

Now, assume that you need to communicate a new policy to everyone within a global organization. Compare and contrast how you would communicate this policy to either a high-context or a low-context audience. Is it possible to write a single memorandum to all of the company’s employees? Why or why not?

Post an initial response of two paragraphs, and then choose the posts of at least two of your classmates and respond.

In your original post, provide the reasoning behind your opinions and statements so that we can see the flow of your thinking. One large post is sufficient to cover all of the topics. Also, please cite and reference the ideas of any articles you read in support of your response. Please use APA citation style.