Inquiry Proposal – LGBTQ in WWII

The essay will be graded on length, quality of answers, specific reference to the texts, and analytical thought. So please include short quotes from the book(s) and/or videos and other readings

There is a minimum word count of 800 words. You need to include at least three different sources. (MLA Format)

What was life like for homosexuals, in Germany, during WWII? How had it changed in Europe since the early 1920s and1930s? How did the US military react to homosexuality? What were the roles of females in the US military and how did they react to lesbianism? What was McCarthyism and what role did that play in the formation early LGBTQ movement?

I’ve attached a source (women’s sexuality WWII). Please add 2 more sources and the book mentioned below!

Also, If you could access the book ”The Gay Revolution by Lillian Faderman” you will find very useful information. The Gay Revolution pages 471-534 (Part 8: Demanding To Serve)