50-100 words required for each question.

  1. List 4 logistic strategic considerations that are relevant.
  2. List the 4 elements of the formulation and execution of the export sales contract.
  3. Identify the main driver in the globalization of logistics.
  4. Global logistics is a fast moving market and ver much consumer driven. Summarize the areas where there should be a focus.
  5. Identify 4 roles of the basic logistics team.
  6. Identify 3 factors that are relevant in the evaluation of the choice of the cargo delivery term.
  7. Identify the primary consideration when dealing with credit terms.
  8. Identify the points in deciding in which areas/regions to export products.
  9. Under market development strategy, what is the role of the exporter/logistics operator?
  10. Global logistics is all about efficiency in a high tech environment. What is the role of the global logistic operator?