This paper is due on Friday at 11am. Also, since I’m an international student I would appreciate it if the vocabulary that will be used is clear and not very complicated.

Write an essay about 5 pages long with 12-point font, 1.5 spacing between lines, and standard margins. Essays are due by the beginning of class on Friday, March 15.

Prompt: Choose any 5 of the following 8 cases (A-H) below, and answer questions (I) and (II) for each case you chose, clearly and thoroughly. Do not use any outside information but only what is given in this handout and our textbook to make your argument about each case. (Many of the cases are real, but do not research any more about them, even if you find out my report of the incident is somewhat inaccurate; argue only about the case as I have presented it and use only the information about what constitutes a legal or illegal firing I have given in this handout.)