Roberta Sacks has been negotiating with the owner of a 7 acre parcel of undeveloped property in order to create a small equine center for riding lessons, boarding, and summer camps. Ms. Sacks and the owner finally agree on the terms of the purchase and sale and before receiving the written contract, Ms. Sacks pays the owner $250,000.00 to bind the deal. Again, before receiving any contract documentation, Ms. Sacks hires a contractor to enter the land and begin clearing the trees from the area that will house the arena. This work continues for two weeks until the owner shows up at Ms. Sacks home, hands her back her check, and says the deal is off.

Explain what the Statute of Frauds is and under what circumstances it applies. Against the backdrop of your explanation of the Statute of Frauds, does the owner have the legal right to walk away from this agreement and keep the land. Why or why not?