Where necessary, include in-text citations in APA format within the text of your post and a reference list in APA format at the bottom of your post. For examples of APA format, review the pages on “in-text citations” and “reference list” in this tutorial:

Discussion Points:

1. What advice does the FBI provide in protecting against computer fraud? Do you feel that the Government is doing sufficient job in this area?

2. Define COBIT and it’s control objective. Do you feel the frameowrk is detailed enough to serve your orgnization? Why or why not?

3. What are the components of a good policy framework? Provide an example of each of these components.

4. What is the Deming cycle approach? How does this approach help improve quality?

5. Why is it important for IT Auditors to know about the legal environment of information systems?

Forum Rubric for Grading:

Rubric for Learner Posts Points

Synthesis of concepts in 250 or more words (critical to class performance)


Applications of personal experience


Clear citation


Writing standards


Responses to two or more students (at least 150 words each)


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