Everyone has an opportunity to earn 6 extra points on Exam 1 — no matter what your score. In order to earn those points, you need to do the following:

1. Review this composite A exam carefully. Read through the entire exam. For each exam question you will see mainly two answers from a different student in our class. Yes, these are your peers who answered the question.

2. Write me a thoughtful answer each of the following questions. international

A. Now that you have taken an “Al Exam,” what do you see about the kinds of questions I ask? Clearly, I am not looking for simplistic statements like, “they’re hard.”
B. After reading through the composite exam, what characteristics and qualities describe an A answer according to Al?
C. Comparing your answers to the composite A exam answers, what insights do you have about your answers?
D. In anticipation of Exam 2, what specific behaviors will you change to achieve a higher score? Please don’t repeat Q1 but use Q1.